Bamboo Pillows


Bamboo Pillows

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Get a royal touch for your Bedding by buying Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows. Luxuriously soft and decent looking Bamboo Foam Memory Pillows for adding a silent beauty to your Bedding. A comfortable sleep is the wish of everyone when your entire body takes rest and feels comfort on Bed. Bamboo Foam Memory Pillows are also ideal for Supporting your Neck and Shoulders as it counters around the natural curves of your Body. It also comes with a naturally removable antibacterial Bamboo cover for Cool and breathable comfort. Perfect for anyone in the mood to get some well-deserved sleep. Bamboo Pillows are not only well known in Australia but they also have a great market and lovers in other countries because of their quality, comfort, softness and decency. At Bedding Square, you may find it cheaper than anywhere else and you may make your Bedroom a piece of Heaven by spending a nominal amount of money.

Cool Features of Bamboo Foam Memory Pillows


Cover Bamboo Polyester


Filling 100% Shredded Memory Foam


Responsive Memory Foam


Ready to dispatch all over Australia


Free shipping on ordering $99 products


Special up to 50% discount on ordering a pair


Extra Soft and Fluffy


Can be used as a bolster when reading or watching TV